With so many contractors needing an “in house” supplement writer. We found there were no companies addressing this problem. With Xactimates you will be assigned an estimate writer that can write your supplements for you. You can ask for revisions at any time. Our staff is in constant training mode to make sure you get accurate estimates delivered to you. What is great about this? Well, you are not training, you don’t have to invest in Xactimate, and you don’t have to have them on staff when it’s slow. This is a win/win situation for a company.
Consider this. Xactimate can be $2500 per year. If you sell 250 jobs per year. That is $10 per estimate to begin with. You get the ESX AND PDF included. If you don’t have Xactimate, we can send you PDF only and correct as needed.

Supervisors will call and discuss how you would like your estimates to be written. We set up checklists that are specific to YOUR company. For example. You want yours written in abbreviated format and others want theirs done in Final Draft. You want yours completed in carrier profile, while others want contractor profile.

There is so many different ways you can write an estimate. We just want it to be the way you want it.